In Liège Val Benoit there’s much renovation activities. A former hydro-energyplant is center of a large area. New parkinglots, benches and trees, small hills, new bridges across the river. Very strange; the infrastructire is new or renovated for about 90%, the buildings are not at all ready yet. It’s unclear to me what will be demolished and what will be renovated. In Sclessin, a few kilometers ahead, I recognize a trainviaduct from 26 years ago. Some houses are destroyed, an industrial roof remained, the lot underneath is used as parking for Lidl. A pharmacy in a new built cube forms a nice contrast with the old buildings. In a sidestreet I’m friendly greeted by a streetcleaner; here all looks the same as  before…in Tilleul I find a pedestrian bridge over the railway, with nice views on the typical ‘colony’ rowhouses around a square.