I cycle from my hotel in Sambre-Basse in a northerly direction. I try to stay in the direction of the airport, but as usual I get stuck in car routes, streets where I am not allowed to cycle or where I prefer not to cycle … via a trip up and down hill I finally end up on a cycle route over a former railroad track. I follow the route for a few kilometers, but see little because the greenery is rampant along and over the path. I leave and cycle towards the center. I walk through various streets and notice that the industry has entered the city center here; former factory buildings have been converted into apartment buildings, large building volumes opposite portico houses. I take some pictures and walk a good lap, after which I find my bike again. Through many detours and wrong driving I arrive at Bois du Cazier in the afternoon. It is quiet at this museum / monument, few or no people on the street here, where are they all? Back to the city, also a look at the shopping center, and a visit to museum BPS22 with a strong exhibition with sculpture in the brutalist university district completes my photo day.