Via Zonhoven I take the ‘bicycle-highway’ to Genk Winterslag, where I visit C mine once more, accompagnied by Tom Arents. I worked with him on Hokkaido in 2014, it’s nice meeting again! There’s a festival going on, organised by the SP.a, the social democratic party. Beer, fancy fair, red roses, childrens’ play and music, a nice ambiance, unfortunately a bit chilly. I take some nice shots of the activities with the coalmine site as background, and we’re heading for the Vennestraat once more. Because it’s a holiday, there’s not much to do, most shops are closed. Some more photo’s at the festival and then to Genk towncenter, where a parade will start in the afternoon. I hang aroud, the weather is fine but the streets are too busy for me….I decide to leave and take a look at the landscape between Zonhoven and Genk. This must be how it looked here before the coal was excavated. A friendly sandy landscape of dunes and small lakes, trees and pastures in the afternoon sunlight. Here ends my second  bicycletrack, tomorrow back home, in a few weeks I’ll continue to Lens in France!